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This executive home lies in a nice quiet neighborhood in southern Chapel Hill. How nice? Well, the prior owners 'never locked their door' (which quaint habit is not recommended) How quiet? The loudest sounds in the yard are generally the bird songs coming from the shrubs.

Deer and other wildlife are common sightings. Traffic jams and honking horns are not.

The neighbors stop by to say hi, and often as they jog/walk their pets will share their thoughts. The roads are fairly flat and very low traffic - at the bus stop down the road, it's not surprising to see a pile of bicycles just left on the street after the school bus picks up.

If you are looking for hustle and bustle, bus routes, parking and congestion, and walking to Starbucks, you may be getting the sense this might not be your place. And that's probably the right call.

However, on the other hand, if you like the thought of making your own espresso and sharing your coffee break with the birds as you stroll the border of your pond shoreline, this very well could be your place.

But it's not far to the city - it's still within the bounds of civilization, after all. It's just a nice quiet part of that civilization.