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Preparing this rental home for new occupants was a project which had many helping hands along the way. I am pleased to share the details of some of the best of the professionals who helped. And no, we didn't get (and wouldn't accept) payment or anything else for sharing these thoughts. This information is provided in the hope that these good professionals will remain prosperous and viable by doing work for you, so you and we and others in our community can continue to rely on them in the future.

Bottom line: anyone in the Triangle who is looking for expertise in home projects would be well advised to call these professionals - all are most highly recommended. Narrative about what they did for this project is at the top, and links and/or contact info is included at the bottom.

Acquiring and evaluating rental property - The realtors acting as buyers' brokers who helped find this house, truly a needle in the haystack of homes on the market in late 2008, were Mark Civiok and Virginia Faust at Coldwell Banker HPW. Closing was handled expertly by - Rob Maitland, Marty McConchie, Alyn Berry and their team at Maitland Law Firm The home inspection by Larry Greenwold at Triangle Inspection Service made sure there were no surprises.

Interior Design. The expertise of both Gwen Bowers at Chic Designs, and Chris Langlois of Keepsake Design were invaluable in planning the renovations. Gwen's ideas for the kitchen were very well thought out, and Chris's color scheme dramatically lightened and reshaped the style of the house inside and out.

Renovations -Painting- Marty Tudor at Tudor and Sons Painting and his team were outstanding. They did great work painting the inside and outside trim, refinishing the extensive woodwork, staining the house exterior and deck, and installing drywall, They gave excellent advice and met and exceeded their commitments. Neighbors who visited this house were so impresed with their work, they hired Marty to do their own house. Marty is well connected with other contractors, and found excellent people for several sub projects like repairing soffits and eaves.

Renovations - Carpentry/Handyman - Pat Numerick at O'Brien Construction was a life saver. He and his colleague did amazing work. From the big stuff (installing new kitchen cabinets) to small stuff (new weatherstripping and tuning door hardware) and from carpentry to small touches, their workmanship and professionalism were of the highest order.

Renovations - Tile - Bruce Setterberg and his team at Tile Done Right cleared out old flooring, put in new tile, as well as regrouted a custom shower area. Their work was beautiful and done on schedule with a great attitude.

Renovations - Electrical - Jerry Davis and Josh at JB Davis Electric did great work installing new fixtures as well as checking existing systems and doing repairs. They are very knowledgeable, and quite good both at doing the work and explaining the theory behind the work. They made several helpful suggestions and were enjoyable to have around the project.

Renovations - Hardwood Flooring - Genia Smith and her team at Accent Hardwood Flooring were great. She came in with excellent suggestions, had just the right solution for installing a contrast stripe of Brazilian cherry at the entry, and her folks did a splendid job resurfacing the hardwood floors.

Renovations - Granite Counters - Edgar Martell at Forever Stone was exceptional - brought many samples, carefully chosen to complement the house colors, did a very thorough quote, and he and his team worked late late when needed to stay on schedule. Their finished countertops and backsplashes are the highlight of the kitchen and wet bar areas.

Renovations - Garage Door Openers - Andy Pitman of Precision Door Service took out the old openers, installed new ones and rejuvenated the door hardware. Very professional and upbeat, and stands behind his work.

Renovations - Chimney- Scott Davis and the team at F. Scott Davis Chimneysweep did a thorough inspection, with video equipment and found a need for a new insert. They installed it, and also upgraded the outside chimney sealing to resolve the issue that required the insert. The work was done quickly and professionally, and the area was cleaner when they left than when they started.

Renovations - Plumbing- David Neal did a very professional job installing sinks, faucets, toilets and the dishwasher, as well as performing minor repairs as needed. His work was very well done and he was reliable and had a great attitude.

Maintenance - Water System - Eddie, at Eddie's Pump and Well Service, and his team made quick work of rejuvenating the water treatment hardware, replacing filters and making sure things worked as designed. Experienced and considerate.

Maintenance - Septic - Toby Ivey and the team at Ivey Septic did a great job of inspecting, conducting repairs and tests, installing the new septic field and managing the permit paperwork and approval cycle.

Maintenance - Tile Cleaning - Jim Mount at Phoenix Cleaning Solutions did an outstanding job of cleaning tile deposits using a very fancy steam tool that just plain cut through deposits that nothing else would touch.

Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning - after Jay at Triangle Carpet Cleaners was done cleaning them, several carpets that were originally thought to need replacing turned out pristine, saving time and money.

Maintenance - Locksmithing - Abacadabra Locksmiths performed quick, reliable re-keying services for the entry doors.

Dealer - Kitchen Appliances - Nick and Matt at Kitchen and Bath Galleries in Durham were very knowledgeable and helpful.

Dealer - Flooring - Bob Krick and Trey at Floors to Go both were very helpful and Floors to Go's wide selection made it easy to find just the right carpeting and tile for the house.

Links and/or Contact Information:

Buyers' Brokers - Mark Civiok and Virginia Faust - Coldwell Banker HPW - 919-960-6332

Real Estate Attorney - Rob Maitland and Marty McConchie at the Maitland Law Firm - 919-265-0800

Home Inspection - Larry Greenwold at Triangle Inspection Services - 919-549-8171

Interior Design - Christine Langlois - Keepsake Design - 919.599.7476

Interior Design - Gwen Bowers - Chic Designs - 919-775-1047

Painting - Marty Tudor at Marty Tudor and Sons Painting and Wallpaper - 919-279-4369

Carpentry/Handyman - Pat Numerick at O'Brien Construction - 919-770-0134

Chimney - Scott Davis at F. Scott Davis Chimneysweep - 919-562-6952

Tile Installation and Maintenance - Bruce Setterberg at Tile Done Right - 919-796-1716

Electricians - Jerry Davis at JB Davis Electric - 919-682-2328

Plumbing - David Neal - 919-708-8071

Granite Counters - Edgar Martell at Forever Stone Unlimited - 919-521-2092

Garage Doors - Andy Pitman at Precision Door Service - 919-462-6399

Hardwood Flooring - Ms. Genia Smith at Accent Hardwood Flooring - 919-682-3941

Tile Cleaning - Jim Mount at Phoenix Cleaning Solutions - 919-362-1054

Carpet Cleaning - Jay at Triangle Carpet Cleaners - 919-471-8159

Water Systems - Eddie at Eddies Pump and Well Service - 919-918-7858

Septic Systems - Toby Ivey at Ivey Septic - 919-732-5592

Locksmith - Abacadabra Locksmithing - 919-967-4604

Appliance Dealer - Matt and Nick at Kitchen and Bath Galleries - 919-806-1544

Flooring Dealer - Trey at Floors to Go - 919-881-7887